CCASM Modern and Contemporary is an art consultancy based in St Helier on Jersey in the Channel Islands.

The consultancy is designed to provide access to the very best of the international art market for clients in Jersey and the Channel Islands, as well as strategically advising an existing international client base from a low tax offshore jurisdiction.

As a key part of the advisory service the newly commissioned gallery viewing rooms will be regularly hung with carefully curated displays of works consigned from the world’s leading commercial galleries, dealers and print publishers. This is intended to allow clients to experience the very best of the global art market’s investment grade blue chip stock. During and between these displays the viewing rooms will be used to allow clients to see specific works at their request in complete privacy.

The themed displays will not generally be open to the public, but they can be viewed by appointment, either privately or through corporate group events.

The consultancy is focused on assisting clients to access the wider international art market both by connecting people to the hundreds of galleries and dealers in our network and also by helping clients navigate the huge breadth of art and artists using our extensive experience in building collections and buying art from around the world.

CCASM will also offer quarterly education packages involving senior art-world speakers and educators with a special focus on art investment and how to successfully navigate the market.

CCASM specialises in working closely with private clients, but is also one of the world’s most proven corporate art advisory services, with over 30 years of combined experience at the highest tier of corporate collecting.